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Image of SIE Freighter Conversion Programs

SIE Freighter Conversion Programs

SIE was the Principal Program Management, Design Engineering, Total Aircraft System Integration, and FAA & EASA Certification firm for the 737 NG and 757-200. SIE STC designed installations are found on over 800 737 NG aircraft worldwide including on Southwest, Icelandic Air, Norwegian, and Mango Airways.
Image of SIE and The Art of Aerospace Engineering

SIE and The Art of Aerospace Engineering

The Honeywell 757 Flying Test Bed (FTB) is just one example in SIE’s long history of modifying aircraft that combine elegant form with utilitarian function. The Honeywell 757 FTB is a tool that allows the OEM to fully evaluate the prototype engine through all phases of the flight envelope.

Creation of the Honeywell 757 FTB by SIE involved extensive aerodynamic analysis, structural design elements, and systems development and integration.

The SIE Team designed fuselage reinforcements, frame redesign, pylon support structure, and fairing design and sub-structure. On the systems side, SIE designed the fuel, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and FIRE-EX systems in support of the OEM’s engine flight test requirements.

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