747 Test Engine Pylon Design

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Structural & Systems Engineering

SIE’s track record of successful engineering projects is a testament to the company’s expertise and capabilities in these key areas.

  • Structural design, stress analysis, DTA
  • Systems integration, Satcom and interiors
  • Major modifications for commercial, military, government and special operations.
  • Certification (STC & PMA) - FAA, EASA, and other regulatory authorities.
  • Program and Supply Chain Management.
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Certification on Demand - Senior FAA DER Staff Handle Small Modifications to Major Repairs & Alteration STCs.

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Icon of Aircraft Interior Reconfiguration

Aircraft Interior Reconfiguration

Single & Twin Aisle Commercial, RJs, Business Aviation, Turboprop, and MIL/GOV Aircraft.

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Icon of Structural Design And Analysis

Structural Design And Analysis

Metallic & Composite Structural Design for Aircraft Development & Mod Programs.

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Icon of Systems Integration

Systems Integration

IFE & Connectivity, Interiors, Seating, Crew Rest, ECS, Galleys, Fire Detection & Suppression, Pneumatics, Potable & Waste Water

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Icon of Damage Tolerance Analysis

Damage Tolerance Analysis

Fatigue & DTA Design and Repair Certification for Fuselage, Wing, Airframe, and Components.

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Icon of Comprehensive Airframe and Component Analysis

Comprehensive Airframe and Component Analysis

Finite Element, Aerodynamic Loads, CFD, Flutter, Dynamic Analysis, and Stress Analysis (Metals, Composite)

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